Our Team


Brad Reubendale

Brad Reubendale is the executive director of SAME Cafe. He has worked for years in nonprofits including Urban Peak and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). In his spare time, he loves biking and good conversation over a delicious local beer.


Letisha Steele

Letisha Steele is the Chef and Operations Director at SAME. She  began her culinary career when she was 15 in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.  She received her BA IN Counseling Psychology from MSU. Her passion lies in creating healthy & delicious meals from locally sourced ingredients as well as ensuring that healthy food is accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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Randa Duffy

Randa Duffy is the assistant Kitchen Coordinator at SAME Cafe. Her passion for vegan, gluten free cooking and baking has lead her to working at restaurants like City O' City, Beet Box, and Watercourse as well as her own catering company. Outside her professional life, Randa enjoys going to concerts, forming strong opinions on candy flavors, and thinking of ways to turn her cats into internet celebrities.


Nate Flory

Nate is a volunteer coordinator and intern at SAME Cafe. Nate moved to Denver from Pittsburgh, PA to be a full-time volunteer at SAME for a year of service through the Urban Servant Corps. He loves playing ultimate frisbee, reading modern fiction and theology, as well as pondering the inaccessible nature of ultimate reality.


Harim Um

Harim Um is a volunteer coordinator and intern at SAME Cafe. Harim joined DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach & Reflection) and came to Denver as a full-time volunteer for a year of service. Harim enjoys creative writing and playing video games in her downtime.


Ann Cohen

Ann Cohen is the developmental coordinator at SAME Cafe. She is spending 10 months at SAME, working through the Ignatian Volunteer Corps.   

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Luis Munoz

Luis Munoz is the Marketing Intern at SAME Cafe. He is working through DPS and is currently a high school senior. He enjoys hiking, art, playing guitar, and listening to music