About The Food Truck

The Food Truck was revealed at the 2019 So All May Eat Gala at the McNichols Civic Center Building! Learn More About it Here!


Since 2006, the mission of SAME Café has been to serve healthy food to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. For over 12 years and with the incredible support of community members, farms & gardens, and dedicated volunteers, SAME has succeeded in delivering healthy meals to everyone who walks through the door. In fact, the Café is constantly busy and we believe it is time to expand!

Enter the SAME Food Truck. Because many people in need of healthy food cannot reach our location on East Colfax Avenue, we have decided to make our mission mobile, bringing the food truck to them, with two main goals in mind:

A. To Bring Healthy Food to Food Deserts and Partner with Food Organizations

Food deserts are places where healthy food is difficult to access, due to expense and distance. There are six identified food deserts in Denver, and we plan to build partnerships with community leaders and organizations to provide healthy food in each one. In this way, we are providing healthy food to those who need it the most, as well as providing education on how delicious healthy food can taste, which will increase the demand for healthy food and ingredients.

B. To Educate People about Hunger, Food, and Justice through Community Presence

While delivering healthy and delicious food to the general population, the SAME Food Truck will help educate and spread the word about food insecurity and how it impacts people inside of Denver. We will partner with organizations who are interested in supporting the mission of SAME to provide healthy food to everyone, while delivering a delicious lunch to people and inspiring more people to get involved with addressing food insecurity in Denver.  

How You Can Help!

In order to effectively reach more people with delicious healthy food, we need your help! Through the generosity of CoBiz Cares Foundation, Kathryn & Gary Dudley, and other significant donors, we have already raised over $45,000 to be used toward a SAME Food Truck. Our goal is to raise $53,000 by the end of the Summer in order to buy an operational food truck and $45,000 to run the program for a year. You can help by donating to our fundraising page, bringing gifts in to the Café or mailing it in to 2023 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206.

Colorado Health Foundation gives $50,000 for the SAME Café Food Truck ...you can help get the truck on the road