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Favorite Space — Part Deux

The pictures below (Note: pictures were subsequently removed after the deal fell through) are of one of the spaces that we stopped in to look at this morning, and it is by far our favorite that we’ve seen. It’s right … Continue reading

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We got some stuff!

And by “some stuff” — I mean a whole lot of it… FOR FREE! Through a connection I made at Metro State we were able to get our hands on 5 crates full of new china and flatware — including … Continue reading

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Back to the names…….

I mentioned earlier that we received a lot of responses to our request for restaurant names. Some of the suggestions were extremely creative, some were hilarious, and some are unfortunately already in use by other Denver restaurants. The point of … Continue reading

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One visit down… many to go!

This is a picture of the location I was talking about in the last entry. I went to take a look at the inside last week. While it all looked very nice both inside and out, the biggest downside is … Continue reading

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Latest Happenings

Well, we’ve been talking back and forth with our realtor, Sharon for a couple of weeks now. We have done quite a few drive-by scoutings of possible locations, but still haven’t been inside any of them. A couple of them … Continue reading

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Just so you know…

Nothing new to report — just wanted to put out a quick FYI note. In case you don’t know a lot about blogs, these sites are pretty much an online diary that people put online so they can share their … Continue reading

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First Meeting With Our Realtor

This past weekend we met with our new commercial realtor, Sharon, for the first time. We were extremely nervous heading into the meeting, since obtaining property is one of the biggest steps we will take in the coming months. Not … Continue reading

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Great responses!

Wow – only one day later and we’ve already had several great names sent to us! Thanks so much for all the great suggestions as well as the words of encouragement. Libby and I would never have the courage to … Continue reading

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Name “contest”

At the moment, what we are struggling with the most is a name for this great place. We have a couple in mind but haven’t really found the “one” yet. Take a look at our previous posts and be part … Continue reading

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From One World to What?

Brad’s adventure with culinary school has just ended and we are taking more critical steps to seeing our dream into reality. After reading our last blog, we thought we would update you on the journey. Although we would like to … Continue reading

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