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Monday 3/26/12

Potato Bacon Soup Sweet Butternut Squash Soup Green Salad w/ pecans & bleu cheese Carrot Raisin Salad Mushroom Artichoke Pizza 3 Cheese Pizza  

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No news is, well, no news

Wow – it has been a long time since we last posted! Unfortunately, things really haven’t changed much since the last entry. We did have our inspections done, and everything looks good as far as we are concerned. Now we’ve … Continue reading

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Design changes

You might (or might not) have noticed that the colors and layout of this blog site have changed dramatically (NOTE: this is a reference to the old blog site). The main point of this change is to highlight our new … Continue reading

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A tough nut to crack!

Well, the Larimer St. spot didn’t turn out the way we planned. After looking into it more deeply, we realized it would take many months and too much money to get it up and running. Libby’s family was here over … Continue reading

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“…We can forget all our troubles, forget all our caresSo go downtown, things’ll be great when you’reDowntown – don’t wait a minute moreDowntown – everything’s waiting for you…” Things are most definitely looking up for us once again. As you … Continue reading

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Still looking for a location…

Sorry for not posting anything for a while — but that hit from last Sunday really threw us for an emotional loop. We know that it will be best in the long run that we didn’t end up with that … Continue reading

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Starting Over

Monday was to be the first inspection of 11th and Santa Fe. We called the landlord tonight to arrange a time to meet there. Brad and I were totally shaken when he reported to us that he signed a cabinet … Continue reading

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Red Tape Blues

The main game this past week has been trying to get through the myriad of roadblocks that the city/state/federal government(s) have set up for us. After meeting with the landowner/realtor of our favorite space and getting his blessing to put … Continue reading

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The Name Game

WE DID IT!!! We finally decided on a restaurant name and actually registered it with the Colorado Secretary of State. Surprisingly, the name seems like such a trivial thing when you actually go through the registration process. Five minutes and … Continue reading

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Organically Good

Today is our anniversary (8 years) and it must be a good omen because we found our favorite spot (hopefully we get it.) We also thought up another name, Organically Good: healthy cuisine with a conscience. What do you think? … Continue reading

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