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Colorado Gives Day 12/5 – Schedule a Donation!

SAME Café got a new neighbor this summer when Alex (name changed for privacy) moved into the alley behind the cafe. We would always see him back there on his mat and try to talk to him, but he was very resistant to talking to people at any depth – although he was incredibly polite. I invited him into the Cafe regularly and even gave him a free lunch card, but he was clearly distrustful that he could truly get a meal and not experience the discrimination that is often shown by businesses for people experiencing homelessness.

Finally after a full month of asking him and watching him walk by tentatively outside, he ventured in to check it out. That was two months ago and he has become one of our most faithful guests. He will eat a healthy meal and then volunteer, often for longer than he signed up for. He takes great pains to make sure his work is done well and when I left the cafe just now he was on a stool to reach the top of the windows outside to make sure he got them spotless.

SAME Café is now his community and he is proud of it.

Last week I saw him and one of our wealthy donors side-by-side at the dish area, both with their sleeves rolled up and working and chatting together. I choked up and thought for the millionth time since I began, “This place is magical. Where else could you see a sight like that?”

You are the reason we can make this incredible place function. The volunteers, donors, and people who love this Cafe keep us going. We are able to provide community like no other and dignity for every single person who walks through our door because you are committed to making this community work.

Would you schedule a donation for Colorado Gives Day on December 5th to help guests like Alex?

You can schedule your donation through the link below and know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of people who cannot afford healthy food.

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