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Board of Directors – seat open

SAME Café Board of Directors Information
SAME Cafe is seeking candidates for one vacated position. The new Director will take office immediately and fill an open seat with term ending January 2018.
• Read more about Board service on the following pages
• Contact one of the members of the Board of Directors for more information if needed
• Submit your resume and statement of candidacy ASAP to
• Recommend a potential candidate to the Board of Directors.
Important Dates:
Deadline for Statements of Candidacy and Resume:
Interviews: ASAP
Directors Vote: May meeting
Current Board of Directors:
Evin Boyle – president
Joined board 1/16
Patricia Bernard – treasurer
Joined board 1/15
Bonita Felden – secretary
Joined board 3/15
Cindy Springsteen – Vice president
Joined board 6/15
Janet C. Wolfgram
Joined board 1/16
John Mezger
Joined board 1/17

(April 2017)
Who should apply? Anyone with an interest in contributing significant time and
talent to Board matters should apply. The Board’s most significant needs vary from
year to year, but we seek a diverse pool of candidates for current and future
openings. This year we are focusing on transition planning and want to add a board member who has that background.
What is the purpose of the Board? The Board is responsible for the financial stability of the organization and ensuring the mission and vision of SAME Café are the driving force behind all decisions and actions.
What types of things does the Board do?
• Develop and adopt an annual budget
• Develop and organize fundraising activities
• Hire, set salary, and evaluate the Executive Director
• Serve as advisors to operations
• Provide specific expertise based on board member experience
• Help meet the requirements of the IRS
The Board does not oversee the day-to-day operation of the café or hire other employees.
What is the size of the Board? The Board currently has 6 members.
What is the time commitment?
• The Board meets for 2 – 3 hours every month. Meetings are usually held at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month.
• Attend an orientation session and read the orientation packet that is given to each board member that details the history of SAME Cafe.
• Volunteer in the kitchen on a regular basis (1 day every 6 weeks or the equivalent of 12 hours a quarter)
• Attend at least one major fundraising event each year
• Set an example for other potential donors in the community by contributing or raising larger donations, annually, themselves
• Be informed of laws and procedures pertaining to SAME Cafe
• Attend all board meetings and serve on one committee
What other types of commitments are there? Each board member is an ambassador, advocate, and asker!
What positions are currently open? Right now a two year term that started in 2016 and ends in January 2018 is vacant.
What is the process? After a Statement of Candidacy and a resume are submitted to, qualified candidates are interviewed by the founders of the cafe, which then make a recommendation to the Board. The Board then votes.
What is a Statement of Candidacy? A short explanation of why you think you would be a good fit and an asset to the SAME Café Board of Directors.
Other Information: Copies of the café’s mission statement, philosophy, diversity statement and conflict of interest policy are available on request. Please contact SAME Cafe to review any of these documents or a copy of the current Bylaws.

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