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Recently, when I was working on a Saturday by myself I noticed a young lady on the patio hanging out.  She has seemed familiar to me but I couldn’t recall her name.  Clearly, she had been here before and knew the drill but something was different about her.  She hung out on the patio for quite sometime and lingered throughout the day.  When the lunch crowd slowed down, she approached the counter reluctantly.  I asked if she needed anything else to eat.  She leaned in shyly and said in a very quiet voice, “Can I give you a hug?”  As I came around the counter to hug her, I noticed she had tears in her eyes.  I am such a sap, I started crying too before I even knew what we were crying about.  She shared that today was the first day she was able to pay for her lunch.  She had been out of work and just recently employed again and was so grateful for SAME Cafe.

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  1. Gay Birky says:

    I’m a sap, too, because the tears welled up before I finished reading this story. I knew it was going to be touching, because every story I hear has something that “grabs” my heart and triggers a tear (or a few!). I continue to be blessed by these incidents that are just a sample of the many things that happen at SAME every day. Brad and Libby are two rock stars in my mind and I know I share that feeling with many.

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