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Community Profile – Rose & Joey

As I was walking by on a daily basis to another destination, I was seeing construction being done to the store front that now houses the Same Cafe. I was thing how nice it was going to be to see something new on this block of Colfax. Finally opening day! I was quite pleasantly surprised to see what was inside. First thing I noticed was the cleanliness. The decor of slate floors and nice high table along with shorter side tables gave it a spacious and modern look. I felt comfortable at once because of the friendly efficient service from the staff, after finding out later down the road, it was no other than the owners Brad and Libby. I must say, the most intriguing aspect though, was their concept on, So All May Eat (Same). It’s just what we were needing in our diversified neighborhood. As we all know in these times, with unemployment at an all time high, it is a desperate time, with food banks depleting quickly and more hungry mouths than ever, since the depression.

   With the Same Cafe, anyone who is hungry may enter. It lets someone keep their dignity in allowing them to work for their meal by doing volunteer work or if you are able to pay you pay what you think your meal is worth. There is no set price! With the food being all organic, which consists of two salads, two soups and two styles of pizza on a daily basis you can’t go wrong. Healthy, affordable and caring about others at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that.
   With that said and done, it’s my reason to keep returning. I have also learned to eat healthier and am feeling much better having lost a few extra pounds. My daughter and grandchildren have also been in a few times with me. Along with eating a good meal and providing dignity back into peoples lives, the Same cafe also has displayed, works of  artists colleges and myself which helps us financially. The old saying starving artist still applies these days. I try to contribute to this great cause by being a steady customer and doing volunteer work when time allows.
    Not only providing space for artists to display their work, they also are allowing us to do a fund raiser for Grandparents Rights Awareness. Having been in the situation of trying to gain custody of my own grandson, who means the world to me and who has also frequented the Same Cafe, we want to bring awareness, of how the social service system should recognize us a valuable contributors to our grand children’s lives once parental rights are terminated.

So, come join me for a Birthday party for Joey.  It’s on Friday, September 7th from 4-7 p.m.  There will be light refreshments, door prizes, silent auction, and a speaker on Grandparents Rights.



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  1. Joey's Adoptive Parents says:

    Social Services did all they could to keep Rose in Joey’s life, but after the parents’ rights were terminated, they couldn’t do anymore once Rose’s petition for custody was lost. They no longer had authority to handle visitation.

    We have always offered to keep Rose in Joey’s life, because we also recognize the valuable contribution she could make. However, Joey was traumatized, so we asked from her a show of good faith in keeping a promise she made to her grandson. That good faith would be for Rose to give Joey access to his birth family history and a photo album she promised to give him, and to stop hating his adoptive parents, who have done nothing but love him since he was placed in our home at 10 months old. We would ask that the road to healing start with the grandparents taking that sometimes difficult step in keeping a promise made to a little boy.

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