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Katie & Rich Novak Community Profile

Katie & Rich Novak are to two of the most dedicated, hard-working people you will ever meet.  They put their heart and souls into things they believe in and love.  Lucky for us, they are also our family members.  Katie (Libby’s older sister) & her husband Rich have been cheerleaders for SAME Cafe since the very idea came to us.  We were on a flight coming home from visiting them when they lived in Austin, TX when we got the idea.  As soon as we told Katie and Rich of our idea, they got behind it right away.  They even stored the original oven in their garage in Loveland, for what I am sure felt like months on end.  They invited all of their friends and co-workers to our soft opening to be our guinea pigs some six years ago.  They have given tireless hours in the cafe volunteering, planning and organizing the golf tournament, and sharing the story of SAME to anyone who will listen.

Even when the moved back to IL from Loveland, CO almost four years ago they stayed dedicated to the cause of SAME Cafe.  They called in remotely to meetings, they traveled thousands of miles for events, and gave us emotional support and business guidance that was invaluable.

Like most of you saw in our last newsletter, we had a board position open.   For those of you who have been following the journey of SAME Cafe, you know that Katie & Rich have served on the board since the very inception.  Katie as a voting member and Rich as the “money man”.  Rich has dedicated thousands of hours of accounting work to SAME Cafe over the years.  Recently, we hired a professional accountant and Rich was able to retire from the stress of doing the books for SAME, and Katie has recently decided to step down as a voting member and become an advisory board member.  We will not lose her expertise as her knowledge and wisdom will be passed on.

These two family members (and all of the others out there!) have been the rock that has kept us going!  We cannot thank Katie and Rich enough for all of the long hours and hard work they have put into SAME Cafe.


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