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Community Profile – Ricky Semple

Ricky says:
I have been a weekly volunteer at the Cafe for 4 years. As a pretty good home cook and an empty nester, it is great to use those kitchen skills to feed others in such a welcoming enviroment. I remember when the Cafe was just a “one-roomer” and we would be thrilled to serve 30 lunches. Often we scrambled if more customers came and we had to make up dishes out of whatever was in the pantry at the time–sometimes with some unique results. However some of those invented recipes are still on the menu! Our guests are so complimentary and we are providing a healthful product so it is truly a win-win.
My husband, Riddick Semple, is an architect specializing in interiors. He was able to help with some of the technical aspects of the remodel. It was good to see it all come together and have the Cafe looking so upscale.
Our grandson Alexander, who lives in Boulder, even helps sometimes, but mostly in a cookie tasting capacity as he is only 5!
A true SAME Cafe family.
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  1. Sandy Bailey says:

    That’s so nice, Ricky! I have been to the cafe once–I brought a friend when we were attending a conference in the area and had told her about it. I had never been there before either so it was a new experience for me also. What a great concept – hope it spreads to many, many cities.

    I’m on sabbatical in the summer and hope to bring my Mom and my husband there when she comes to visit 🙂

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