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Harry’s Community Profile

Harry Tulchin is a mechanic, a student, an artist and a musician. When he
isn’t turning a wrench at Storz or attending classes at Metro State, there
is a good bet he’ll be spending his lunch hour at SAME. In fact, this
summer he managed to put together a streak of over 60 week day visits in a
row! Here are his responses to some of Brad’s questions:

-How did you first hear about SAME Cafe?
I first read about SAME in a 2007 Westword magazine article. Then one day I
did a drive-by on the way home from downtown to look for the cafe. Soon
after that, I decided to give it a try for lunch since the garage I work at
is just around the corner. Now I make a point of coming in for lunch at
least 2-3 times a week if I’m in town.

-What keeps you coming back to SAME?
Wow – there are way too many reasons to list, beyond just the food. At
first, it was the interesting concept and the convenience (again, I work
just around the corner). Then, it was the food and the concept that drew me
back. Now, it’s all of those reasons, plus the vibe of the place —
community, friendships, and connections being made — that make me want to
come back several times a week. When I’m here it’s like I am keeping my
finger on the pulse of the neighborhood, and when I can’t make it in for a
while then I feel like something is missing. I’ve made some great
connections and friendships right here in the cafe. When things slow down
a bit in my work and school life, I plan to make regular volunteering here
a part of my routine.

-Are there any foods that you would call favorites?
I guess it’s the soups that I really appreciate when I come here. Not to
make the other dishes feel left out — I like the salads and unique pizza
combinations, too — but if I read the menu on the blog site and there is a
particular soup that sounds good, that’s what I most look forward to about
that day’s visit. Oh, and if they decided to change the days menu at the
last minute, or if that soup has already sold out by the time I make it
over for lunch, I make sure to give Brad a hard time! My favorites are
probably the Italian Wedding Soup & the Turkey Noodle Soup. The best thing
about eating at SAME — even if a particular dish doesn’t immediately knock
your socks off, it is always REALLY GOOD. My palate has expanded quite a
bit since I’ve started eating here — especially when it comes to leafy
greens. Now things like chard, kale & arugula aren’t totally foreign, and
I’ve started to really enjoy eating them.

-Any favorite memories you can recall?
Not a particular moment, but I always enjoy sitting in the front of the
cafe and watching someone completely new walk in to SAME and seeing how
they react to the concept. It’s always positive, and watching the smiles
break out as they take in the concept is one of my favorite things.

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