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September Community Profile

Meet Will. Will is one of our youngest volunteers; his is 7 years old. He comes once a week on Fridays from 2p.m. – 3 p.m. with his mom or dad and helps clean up. He fills salt and pepper shakers, takes out the trash and recycling (his favorite job), sweeps and mops the dining room and kitchen and he even helps us set up for parties. At home, Will gets an allowance each week. He has to make his bed, help with laundry, clear the dinner table and pick up his toys. He splits his allowance into three piles, SPEND, SAVE, SHARE. The SHARE money goes to help others. Sometimes, Will brings his SHARE money here to SAME and puts it in the donation box. Other times he donates it to projects at school like the guide dog project or buying library books. He has purchased health care products for the Denver Rescue Mission with his SHARE money too. When interviewing Will (and his mom, Nicole) I asked how he came to volunteer at SAME and he and his mom told me the story. Will had been noticing homeless men and women on the street corners with their signs. He would ask his parents questions about why they were there and how his family could help. One day he asked why his family didn’t give these folks money and his mom promised that she would find a place where Will could volunteer. Shortly after that conversation, Will and his parents started helping out here. When I asked Will why he comes to SAME Cafe, he smiled and said “because I get to help”.

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