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Carol Saloranta’s (April 20, 1938 – July 12, 2011) nick name was “God’s
Girlfriend”. She brought a smile to my face every time I saw her. You might
recognize Carol as she was around SAME Cafe often. She loved schmoozing the
customers in the dining room, serving up heaping plates of food even though
we’d remind her that we serve in smaller portions to eliminate food waste.
She would respond with, “Just in case this is their only meal for the day”.
She even loved cleaning the pantry. Carol was featured in a couple of the
videos made about SAME. Her face was even in a few of the news pieces.
Carol would always bring her own apron when she came to volunteer. She was
an incredible listener and friend. Carol spent most of her life in the
elementary education world – maybe that is why she and Libby got along so
well. Carol made many friends at the cafe. Some of them would come in and
ask for her by name. One of those friends shared with me the pocket angel
Carol gave him long ago. He wears it on a rope around his neck. He says he
takes “God’s Girlfriend” with him where ever he goes. What made Carol truly
special was her belief in the ripple effect. She believed that kindness,
hope and caring could spread throughout the city and the nation with just
one good deed. Carol, your life was full of meaning and purpose and
thousands of good deeds. Thank you for being an example to all those around
you that life is not what you have but what you give. We will remember you
not because of your successes in life but we will remember you by your
significance in ours. Thank you for your ripple effect on our lives.

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