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Westerly Creek 3rd Graders

Kid Cash for the Community
by Julia DiPretoro

The 3rd grade class at Westerly Creek has a program called Kid Cash. Kid
Cash encourages kids to behave and produce in class. You can receive more
than one dollar for doing things like completing homework and being a
positive roll model. Of course, Kid Cash is not real money, just play
money. But you can use it to trade in at the Kid Cash Store for awesome

Then an anonymous donor came to our school and said that if the third
graders would donate their Kid Cash, she would donate her own money and give
it to the SAME Cafe. S.A.M.E. stands for So All May Eat. With the money,
the SAME Cafe would use it to help people in need of food. The third
graders donated $2,000 to help people in need!

The owners of the SAME Cafe came to meet the third grade of Westerly Creek.
Brad and Libby talked to us about how their cafe works and how much they
loved the opportunity we gave them. The SAME Cafe has no prices on their
menu, so if you don’t have any money; you can eat an then do some work to
help the cafe. The work contains cutting veggies, filling the salt and
pepper shakers, wiping tables and much more. I guess now you know why it is
called the SAME Cafe!

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