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Aaron has been coming around SAME for many years now. Some days he is
sober and full of life. Other days he is drunk as a skunk or high as
a kite, depending on his drug of choice for the day. Aaron is an
incredibly brilliant man. Name a book, he has read it. He LOVES to
read. Aaron is a good hard worker when he can keep a job and stay
sober. He did some priming for us when we were remodeling the “new”
dining room side. Aaron has tons of potential and is creative.
Someday Aaron wants to have a food cart on the 16th St. Mall to sell
homemade soups and chili. He came up with this idea while he was in
jail this last time. Aaron just recently became a father to a
precious little girl. His baby girl was born while he was in jail. He
desperately wants to be able to have a relationship with his daughter
but times are tough and he doesn’t have the best track record with his
old girl friend. Aaron holds a special place in our hearts here at
SAME Cafe. Every time he comes in, he lights the place up with his
personality and smile. Aaron works in exchange for his food or
donates what he can. He believes in what SAME Cafe stands for and
tells us all the time how he is so appreciative.

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