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March Profile

Jane, Susan, and Norma have been volunteering at SAME for 3.5 years. They
came on board prior to the dining room addition and prior to Libby coming on
full time. The idea to start volunteering came when Jane read about SAME in
5280 magazine. She was teaching nutrtion to food stamp recipients at the
time. She was passionate about nutrition. She thought that SAME Cafe would
be a great place to get healthy food out to people in need so she came and
tried it and quickly convinced her friends to join her. Norma had
been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for 18 years. She was the volunteer
coordinator and delivered meals twice a week. Norma thinks volunteering at
SAME is just a bit more fun. We don’t ever ask Norma to grind flour though
because she has nightmares from a flour disaster in her early days
volunteering here. One of Jane’s favorite memories of SAME is from when she
was volunteering on a really busy Tuesday and she took her lunch break. She
saw the tea was getting low and so she ran back to the fridge and grabbed a
pitcher of what she thought was tea. She marched up to the front and
started to dump the liquid into the tea dispenser, all the while Brad was
trying to get her attention from the line. He kept politely say, “Jane,
Jane.” Jane continued pooring just happy to help Brad when he was really
busy. Finally, Brad stopped her and let her know, she was pooring chicken
stock into the tea container. These three ladies are near and dear to our
hearts. They are dedicated and passionate about being here at SAME. They
love getting to spend time with each other here, sharing lifes events like
grandkids, weddings, and deaths. The Tuesday Ladies, as we like to call
them, even hosted a brunch to “Fill the Pantry” for SAME Cafe. They go
above and beyond the call of duty and we appreciate them. All three of them
talk about how powerful it is to be a part of something that gives dignity
along with a meal and that we assume the best of everybody that comes
through the door – even volunteers. Thank you for your love and service to
SAME. We love you guys!

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