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MM Local

Come by SAME Cafe on Wednesday, Oct. 27 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. to sample MM
Local’s fabulous food. It is real food. Grown by real family farmers: folks
who live close by. When you eat MM Local, you’re chewing your way to a
stronger community, supporting a healthy local economy and voting for a more
sustainable food system with every dollar. So come on — eat a part of the
solution. It’s delicious.

MM Local Harvest Shares are the best way to eat locally, all year round.
When you sign up for a Harvest Share, you guarantee your own share of
simply-preserved, delicious local food in 2010.

Their philosophy is: simple. They partner with local growers to pick produce
at the height of ripeness, and preserve those delicious local flavors using
the most natural and traditional methods. It’s real, local food that tastes
like it’s supposed to. So we can all eat local and delicious, all year

Can’t come on Wednesday to sample their tasty treats, but want to know how
you can get a Harvest Share and eat local all winter. Click here to learn

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