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Newsletter #146

Last week on Monday we welcomed the Green Route Restaurant Tour. It was a
fabulous way to get new people in to the restaurant to hear about SAME. We
also got to talk with Professor Wee’s class at CU Denver to share the idea
of SAME. We had a lively discussion about poverty and hunger in the world
and population growth.

On Tuesday night we had a small group here from the Logan School. The
Logan’s Dads group had dinner and spent some time visiting and planning
their summer camping trip.

Saturday was a really long, but exciting day. We had a group from City
Presbyterian here to help us with our quarterly scrub down of the entire
restaurant. They got on their hands and knees and cleaned every inch of
this place. It is sparkling and shiny now! Thanks you guys! The cleaning
happened just in time for Bob Goodrich’s party here! He reserved the
dinning room to celebrate his 40th year of sobriety. We were so honored to
help him mark this milestone.

Here are two great stories I just have to share! One is of a young new
friend of the cafe. Let’s call him Peter. He has come in a few times and
been really polite and appreciative of SAME Cafe. Last week, a drunk man
was giving me a little bit of hard time because I was asking him to move on
and come back when he was sober and a magical thing happened. My new friend
Peter got up from his table and gently and compassionately asked this drunk
patron to not disrespect SAME Cafe. Peter walked the drunk man to door and
made sure that he was moving on. I was so touched by Peter’s protective
actions. We are so lucky to have so many people who love us and want to
protect us.

The other story is one of a gentleman who has come in for quite a long
time. He is always quiet and polite with a genuine smile. He would order
his food, eat and then bring all the dirty dishes from the front area to the
kitchen for washing. I always thank him for his help and he just nods and
says, “No problem. I want to help”. We never asked him to do this task.
It just became his routine of how he helped. Today, I finally realized that
I didn’t not know this quiet helper’s name. So, I introduced myself to him
and asked his name. He said, “Harry”. We talked a bit about his day and I
again said thank you, this time calling him by name and I was glad to
finally be able to do so. He smiled and left. In between the cleaning
group and the 40th celebration, Brad and I walked up to St. Mark’s for a
chocolate chip cookie and coffee break. We sat out on the patio because the
weather was so nice. Down the street came Harry. I watched him stop and
ask a young woman enjoying the weather for some spare change. He must have
charmed her with his genuine smile because she gave him some. As he
wandered on by us, I called out to him, “Hey Harry!” He was surprised to
see us but seemed even more surprised that I called out to him to say
hello! He joined us on the patio and shared with us how much he appreciates
SAME Cafe. He told us that he works to make ends meet but often comes up
short. Harry said that if it wasn’t for SAME Cafe there would be many days
that he wouldn’t get anything to eat. He struggles to find temporary work
and had lost his food stamps to an ordeal involving a prolonged illness. He
is hoping to work some construction jobs this summer. As Harry walked away,
I thanked him again for all his help at SAME. He again simply said, “No
problem. I want to help you out for all you do for me and all the other guys
out here.” Brad and I just looked at each other, neither one of us saying
a word. As tears filled our grateful eyes, we walked back to SAME Cafe. We
are so lucky!

Wish List
Organic vanilla extract
10-12 Qt Food Processor – Thanks Don!

Monday-Saturday: 11am-2pm
Closed Sundays & Holidays

Weekly Menu

Chicken Noodle Soup
Spring Pea Soup
Caesar Salad
Spring Greens with veggies
Sausage Pizza
3 Cheese Pizza

Potato Soup
Cheese Tortellini Soup
Garden Salad
Panzanella Salad
Pepperoni Pizza
Mushroom & Feta Pizza

Pea & Barley Soup
Chicken Chowder
BST Pasta Salad
Mediterranean Salad
Margherita Pizza
White Pizza

Thursday – Happy Earth Day!
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Vegetable Lentil Soup
Asian Slaw
Cobb Salad
BBQ Chicken Pizza
4 Cheese Pizza

White Bean Chicken Chili
Potato Leek Soup
Caesar Salad
Apple Walnut Salad
Hawaiian Pizza
Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Pizza

Creamy Mushroom Soup
Southwestern Black Bean Soup
Pecan, Chicken, Cranberry, Blue Cheese Salad
Quinoa Salad
Apple Bacon White Pizza
Mushroom Garlic Pizza

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