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This brought tears to my eyes!

Most of you are probably aware by now that we were featured on the CBS
Evening News with Katie Couric last week. We have had an overwhelming
response from people all over the country. Phone calls, emails, donations
through our website, donations through the mail. It has been incredible.
The support we have received has made my cup overflow, as they say. I
wanted to share a couple of stories with you that have really touched me
this week.

The first is the short but sweet letter we received from a gentleman living
in NY. It reads: *To the SAME Cafe Please find enclosed a check for $25.00
You are doing something very good for people in our own country! The
dignity piece is amazing. p.s. I know, I’ve been there!*
The second: *Hey guys I truly wish I could donate much more, but times have
been pretty tough on my business lately. I’m a 54 yr. old man that was
brought to tears when I saw your story on TV. Trust me, if & when things get
back to normal, I WILL be sending more your way. The world needs more people
like you. THANK YOU for what you do & thank you even more, for being who you
The last story is one that just blew me away. I have been trying to
personally respond to every email that we have received and thank every
person for their contributions. When we get donations through PayPal, the
donor has the opportunity to include a short message with their donation.
Here is the one that just left me crying at the computer: * **Dear Brad &
Libby: I saw a report on CBS, with my 10 y.o. son tonight– and he was so
moved by your “compassion” and “goodness” (his words) that he wanted to
donate $ 5.00 from his allowance this week. We got online, found your site–
and we thrilled there was a PayPal link. God Bless you for your good hearts.
We will send a little more as soon as we are able :o) *
Maybe it was the teacher in me that was so touched by this child’s
generosity! Either way, this is just a taste of the goodness that we have
been showered with this past week. Thanks for being a part of such an
amazing place. We are so lucky to share in the goodness here!

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