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A good day!

This was my favorite day at SAME so far this week. I have been flying solo
here all week because Brad has been working on fixing up our new house –
yep! we finally bought a house!

Although today started a little rough (I had to ask a drunk gentleman to
leave) it ended with such elation! This afternoon a man walked in,ordered
food and dropped a donation in the box. He looked to me to be homeless and
down on his luck. He was friendly and gave me a warm smile. After he ate,
he approached the counter and leaned in and wanted to ask me a question. He
stated that he was a lucky man and had the means to pay for his meal, but
knew there were folks out there struggling right now. He wondered if he
could come in and work for an hour so that someone else might be able to
eat. I told him I could give him a voucher for his time and he could find
someone down on their luck to pass the meal voucher along to. He declined
and said, he just wanted to pay it forward anonymously. He promised he
would continue to come in and pay for his meals AND do an hour of
service. I was so touched by his words and actions!

Then the phone rang and I got a call from Shawn Anderson. He has been
riding his bike across the country. Taking the idea of literally going
the “extra
mile” by pedaling his bicycle from San Francisco to Boston, and at the same
time, encouraging others to “go the extra mile” in their individual lives.
We visited with Shawn a while back when he was biking through Denver and
shared the story of SAME. The reason for his call was to let us know that
we had been awarded his “Extra Mile Award”. We are so lucky! We are
honored to be the recipient of this award and feel so loved and supported by
his encouragement. We want to say thank you to Shawn for honoring us and
believing in what we do here at SAME!

On top of all this we also heard today that we were awarded a grant from the
Daniel’s Fund. This is so fantastic for helping to make our budget. It is
much needed help in these tough economic times.

Whew! Now, on to Game Night tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

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