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3 years and counting!

So, today is SAME’s 3 year anniversary.  It is so hard to believe that
we have been doing this for three years!  It seems like just yesterday
that Katie and Rich were here to help us do a “run through” day and I
electrocuted myself plugging in the mixer  We can laugh about it
now!  It wasn’t so funny then.  We have had many wonderful experiences
since that first day.  So many of you have walked through the door and
eaten with us or have come in and volunteered your time!  Some of you,
we see often while others have only been able to connect with us via
the internet.  Whether you are here everyday or are still waiting to
experience SAME Cafe in person, we want to share that we feel so lucky
to have so many wonderful people as part of our SAME Cafe family.  

Here are some interesting stats for the past year, with the last two year’s numbers in parentheses to compare them to. 

                                                                            Year3   Year2   Year1
                                                                           ———   ——–   ———
Total Customers:                                                 17273  (9938)   (6910)
Most customers in a day:                                        180    (162)       (86)
Most customers in a week:                                      564    (319)     (240)
Least customers in a day (when we were open):      28      (11)         (1)
Thanks Sue for baking us a cake!  

Here is a link to a great video that we mentioned
in an earlier blog.  We just saw it for the first time last night.  It
is so great to see that while a lot has changed since we opened three
years ago, our hearts are still in the mission and philosophy.    — Geeze I talk fast!

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