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Newsletter #101 05/26/2009

What an awesome week!  Ok, it was a little wet over the weekend, but how long have we been waiting for that rain??  Besides all the moisture, it was an eventful week here on Colfax.  

We finally managed to get the golf registration web site up and running, so all you golfers be sure to head on over to to register before June 1st when the price goes up!  Don’t like to golf?  No problem — we are also looking for volunteers and sponsors.  Information for that can be found on the same registration page.  

We mentioned the new Birky family addition a couple of weeks ago when Brad’s sister gave birth to our new nephew — Xavier Gage Bohnert.  The occasion was a great excuse for Mom & Dad Birky to come and visit from Illinois.  Some of you may have seen them working in the cafe from time to time (when they could pull themselves away from the grandchild, of course!).  Mom will be visiting for the remainder of this week, so keep an eye out for her.  

Speaking of parents, we had a father-daughter duo from Simi Valley, California with us for most of last week as well.  Gary & Katie were so interested in how the cafe works that they decided to fly in during her break from school so they could volunteer with us.  Who knows — maybe they will take the concept back with them and start their own organization to help folks in need!

Finally, renowned author, entrepreneur and economist Seth Godin was kind enough to mention SAME Cafe in his blog last week, which exposed the cafe to a whole new audience.  We received several kind emails, some wonderful donations, and even a request to speak via phone on an Irish talk radio show (Libby did the interview this morning — it was great fun!).  Thanks so much to Seth for the mention — those little acts can really go a long way!

Wish List
Golf Tournament Players & Sponsors (go to to register!)

Tuesday-Friday: 11am – (at least) 2pm
Saturdays: 11am-8pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays
Weekly Menu  
Featuring Oogave Organic Sodas — only $1 per bottle!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Turkey Noodle Soup
Greek Veggie Pasta Salad
Caesar Salad
Tomato & Bleu Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni Portobello Pizza
Potato Arugula Soup
Sausage & Roasted Bell Pepper Soup
Carrot Raisin Slaw
Spinach & Strawberry Salad
Ham & Pineapple Pizza
Veggie Pizza
Green Chili
Vegetable Soup
Pear, Arugula & Bleu Cheese Salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
Spinach & Feta Pizza
Lentil Soup
Creamy Garlic Soup
Couscous Salad
Chef’s Salad
Potato Pancetta Pizza
Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza
Tuscan White Bean Soup
Hearty Beef & Barley Soup
Summer Chop Salad
Mixed Greens Salad
Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza
Greek Veggie Pizza
 * menus subject to change *

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