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I just got back from speaking at Bromwell Elementary School here in Denver.  The after school program at Bromwell selected SAME to be one of the recipients of their Penny Harvest. For those of you who don’t know about Penny Harvest, it is an organization that for the past 17 years has been helping children turn pennies into grants for community organizations.  Young people between the ages of 4-14 collect pennies and research organizations that they want to support and then Penny Harvest makes a grant to the organization of the groups choosing. You can find out more about it at The children at Bromwell researched SAME Cafe and they selected us along with MaxFund to receive a $500.00 grant. It was so cute going and speaking to the kids. They asked great questions and loved hearing about our cafe. My favorite part was when I talked about organic food and why we thought it was important. One of the students asked what organic meant so I said we just share our food with the bugs rather than kill them. They all thought
that was an interesting idea. Another student asked, “Do you have 100 chairs in your restaurant?” but being hard of hearing, I thought he said, “What kind of chairs are in your restaurant?” I went on and on about the fabulous chairs (that I designed myself – I didn’t think it was that strange of a question actually) and he let me talk and talk and finally when I was finished he said, “I don’t think you heard me right.” I about wet my pants laughing at my own mistake. What a sweet group of kids!

It was great to hear about this group of young people so excited to help others. I think that it is experiences like this at such a young age that helped develop my sense of wanting to help others. I am excited to see how this exercise in generosity and responsibility to the community helps these children grow and change the world.


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