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Great Response!

Holy Mackerel!  We have had such an incredible rush of responses since Monday night’s program aired!  Hundreds of phone calls and emails, thousands of hits on our web site, and thousands of dollars in donations have come in during the past 48 hours.  Lots of folks have expressed interest in starting similar cafes around the country, which excites us so much.  The love we have received in the past 48 hours has been overwhelming.  We find ourselves tearing up about 10x a day or more.  

A couple of you said you missed the segment and wanted to know where to find it online, so here you go:

THANK YOU does not seem enough.  All of you have made us smile, laugh and cry.  But most of all thank you for recognizing that there are good people in the world.  Our whole concept is based on the belief that people ARE good and that everyone just wants to be treated fairly.  You are making it possible for us to keep feeding people and building community.

Locally, we have seen tons of new faces in the cafe, and had a ton of volunteer requests.  The space has been filled from open to close each day, and by 2pm we have sold out of almost everything we’ve made for the day.  Gifts of everything from ground buffalo to custom made SAME Cafe soup/coffee mugs have been received.  Incredible, and we are so grateful for every bit of it.  
Thanks Tim, Lonna, Luke, Jake, Christie & MollyMckenna for the incredible mugs!
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