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Over the last few weeks, we've had lots of inquiries about starting a SAME Cafe in other cities.  It is very inspiring.  I keep telling everyone who writes to go read our blog.  They all ask, "how did you get started?" I have just been sending them to the blog and then I thought, "Crap – I'm not very good at regularly blogging.  I hope that the blog actually tells them something useful."  So after we closed today, I sat down and read the first 6 months of the blog.  I am so glad we blogged -even though it wasn't very much or all that consistently.  It was so fun to go back and read all of the old blogs and remind ourselves how far this thing has really come.  What an amazing ride!  Here are a couple of highlights from the last few weeks:

– Dan and Noah from One World Cafe in Salt Lake stopped in for visits
-Our volunteer requests have gone through the roof so we are limiting people to one-two hours a day
-Great fresh produce is now available again from Granata Farms, Fairmont Garden, and Denver Botanic Gardens
-We spoke at the annual gathering of MENSA in Denver and got to share our story with that audience
-We took the 4th and 5th of July off and enjoyed time in the mountains camping

We will try to continue to blog a bit more than just putting our newsletter out there.  It is so fun to go back and be reminded. 

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