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The New Guy

Hello my name is James,
I go to Skyland Community High School.  When my teacher last year, Galen,
was talking about internships I decided to look into some other “culinary
arts” internships that people have had. Finding nothing for about
three quarters of our school year, I decided to visit another students
LTI (learning through internships) at the Same Café. I had pizza and
a cup of gazpacho and I loved the place.

The next school year I looked
into culinary arts again and the Same Café had an intern already…
which left me hanging again. Anne ran into our advisory and asked me
and my friend Mark about the having an internship alongside the student
at the Same.  Mark, who already had his internship in the bag passed
this offer but I stayed along for the ride. As I walked into the restaurant
and observed the doings of the people who rushed and zipped to make
much use out of little kitchen space I knew there was a strong connection
between everyone who was working that day. From that day on to this
day I feel a stronger connection with both the workers and the customers
in the Same Café. While everyone knows everyone with a few new faces
popping in every once in a while I still feel like the new guy, but
with the people I work with and see every Tuesday and Thursday I learn
a little bit every step of the way.


Tuesday and Thursday Intern…

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