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Small Miracles

Those of you outside the Denver area may not know this, but it snowed here yesterday.  A lot.  Considering the fact that it was in the mid-70’s up until yesterday, 8 inches of snow was about the last thing we expected to wake up and see.  We here at the cafe immediately thought to ourselves that it was going to be a slow day, and so we leisurely took our time getting ready for the day.  That is, until the phone rang. 

The caller on the phone wondered if it was possible to get 10 pizzas to go, and could they be ready to pick up at Noon.  It was only 10AM, and even though we typically only sell 4-5 pizzas on the weekdays, since we had plenty of notice we told him it wouldn’t be a problem.  Brad got busy making extra pizza dough, and Libby got to shredding the organic mozzarella.  We happened to have a great volunteer named Patrick helping out for the morning, so we were staffed up for the boost in business.  Even when they called back to change the number of pies from 10 to 12, we thought we were well prepared.  Well prepared, except we had nothing to send out the pizzas in. 

Previously, we would just wrap up the pizza on one of our large dinner plates and just ask the patron to bring the plate back whenever they could.  However, this had only happened a handful of times.  Never had we had such a large order for pies to go, and we didn’t even have enough large plates to send out 12 pizzas even if we wanted to. 

Coincidentally, we had just placed an order for plain white pizza boxes a few days earlier, but didn’t expect to see them for at least a week or two.  So when the UPS man showed up with a large package a mere 30 minutes before the pizzas were due to be picked up, we were ecstatic.  Thank goodness for small miracles! 

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