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Class Presentation

This morning Libby and I got the opportunity to speak to 24 3rd and 4th graders at one of the local grade schools.  Needless to say, Libby was right in her element while I was more like a fish out of water.  Thankfully, we were talking about food so I was able to add a little to the presentation. 

The kids were great, and asked a ton of really good questions like, “What happens if someone comes in and doesn’t have any money to pay” and, “Why do you  use organic ingredients?”  They seemed excited to hear about the cafe, and were asking their teacher if they could take a class trip some day to come and see how it works.  Even though they are still a bit too young to appreciate the societal and economical impact we hope to someday have, they definitely appreciated that we were doing something out of the ordinary and trying to help the community. 

Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that we took a big tray of sugar cookies with us…

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