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The other day I was standing in the kitchen of my parents’ house in IL, and my phone rang.  The caller turned out to be the producer of a talk radio show in Montreal, Quebec who had just run across the below-mentioned article on TIME Magazine’s web site.  (The station is CJAD, in case any Montreal locals are wondering)  They wondered if I would be willing to go on the air to talk a bit about the restaurant.  Never the one to turn down free publicity, even if it is several time zones away from the cafe, I took them up on the offer. 

After the butterflies subsided, I was able to share with the listeners what we are all about. The fun didn’t stop there. Tuesday we got a random call from an Illinois radio station interested in interviewing us after he also read the TIME article. He had no idea that we were Illinois natives. Once I explained to him that we grew up in Central Illinois, they seemed even more excited about us doing the interview. We called our families back in IL and had them tune in. Two hours later we were telling our hometown area all about the restaurant on WMBD radio. The dj who called and asked for the interview was stunned when we recognized his name and voice on the phone. We grew up listening to him. It is truly a small world.
Today The Denver Post ran an article written by Diane Carman about the caf&eacute. The link to the article is Feeding More Than Hunger. Business is picking up and we are excited to be sharing the idea with more people.

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