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One Month Complete!

Today is the last day of November, which means we are completing our first calendar month of operations.  Overall, I’d have to say that it was a pretty successful month.  We just about broke even, which isn’t bad at all considering we are still building up our inventory stores as well as buying the occasional piece of kitchen equipment.  Any time you aren’t losing money in the restaurant industry you have to call it a success.  If the rest of the winter months go this well we will be THRILLED!

Here are a few highlights from November:

– multiple visits from a homeless man who leaves us money without eating because he happens to have money at the moment and wants to “pay it forward.”

– establishing a group of regular customers (we see them several times a week) who keep coming back because they love our food and our concept

– awesome volunteers taking time out of their busy days to help us out; some out of need and some out of desire

– having positive articles about us in both the Westword and Life on Capitol Hill papers, and meeting the customers who came in because they read about us

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