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Things are looking up!

Thank you for all the concerned calls and emails about our most recent troubles.  It is to our great relief that we can now report that at least that chapter of the drama is over.  After numerous calls, we managed to find the right person in the building department who knew of a small section in the code that allowed for existing doors and windows to be counted as “natural ventilation,” so no new system needs to be installed after all.  Hooray!!!

This past week has been a very good one overall.  We got our electrical, mechanical & plumbing plans all approved, and now we just have to wait for the Wastewater Department to put on their stamp of approval and then we will be nearly finished!!!  I won’t even dare to venture a guess as to when our opening day might be, but at least it’s once again looking like it will eventually happen. 

Oh, and I still need to grab the camera one of these days to take some pictures of the progress.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually remember   Again, thanks to you all for your concerns, and more updates to come soon!

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