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The Drama Continues

Why do things have to be so difficult???  We heard yesterday that the city is going to require us to install a fan and a heater in our space to draw in the outside air and, in the case of cold weather, heat the air as it comes into the building.  This is supposed to help recirculate the air to avoid the buildup of odors, fumes and other general nastiness that comes from having large numbers of people in one place.  This in itself is not too big of a deal — it would cost a little extra but not enough to cause too much stress. 

HOWEVER, it turns out that we don’t have enough electrical capacity to our space to run both the fan and the heater as well as our kitchen equipment.  The cost of adding electrical capacity is apparently going to run us somewhere in the neighborhood of FIFTY THOUSAND dollars.  $50,000 is more than enough to cause us lots and lots of stress.  $50,000 is more than 5 times our entire remodeling budget. 

This is a BIG, BIG, BIG problem.

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