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Good news and Bad news

    We got great news on Thursday in the form of an approval letter from the Department of Environmental Health.  Our restaurant planning guide that we had worked on for months was approved!  Sure, there were a couple of areas that we needed to address before the final inspection, but nothing too huge (or expensive) would need to change.  Awesome news for us!  We thought this was the last hurdle that we needed to get over before the contractors could start.

Ahh, but then there is the Building Department.  Our electrical contractor arrived there yesterday to try to pull the permit to begin his work (he was planning to start today), and found out that they are going to require us to have additional drawings from an electrical engineer as well as a mechanical engineer.  Each of those drawings will likely cost us in the neighborhood of $2000, and will take at least a week to get completed.  That is, IF we can find someone who has enough time to get started on them right away. 

My friend Greg used to say that there are 3 ways to do a project, and you only get to pick two of them:  Quickly, Cheaply, & Correctly.  I guess since the cheap option is now out of the question, now we can just hope it all goes fast and gets done right! 

So that’s about it for the updates at the moment.  It appears that we are stuck until we find the engineers and get the drawings completed.  I guess I had better quit writing and get on the phone!

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