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So for the past couple of weeks we’ve spent quite a bit of time over at the café space.  We’ve been cleaning, painting, cleaning, tearing up tile, and cleaning some more.  Things are really starting to shape up!  We’re still working on landing the right plumbing and electrical contractors, but I think we are pretty much down to the final contenders.  If everything keeps going this “smoothly” we might be open by Halloween after all! 

(actually, we hope we’re looking at a mid-September opening, but we don’t want to jinx anything by acting too positive)

Libby’s folks are in town at the moment to help us celebrate her birthday, and we’re going to take advantage of their presence to get a bunch of work done.  Thank God for family and friends! 

Here are a few pictures we’ve taken along the way.

  • Kate, Lib and I moving out the old coffee counter
  • Starting to take up the linoleum
  • more linoleum work
  • Priming the walls — Still one mirror to remove.
  • Experimenting with some paint techniques
  • Finally finished the linoleum
  • Lib doing a little painting
  • Angie giving us a hand
  • About 1/2 way there
  • One wall nearly done!
  • More pics to come soon — thanks for checking in!

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