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Moving in

In the previous entry I alluded to a funny story related to moving equipment.  Here’s the low-down. 

Last week we finally decided that we should stop imposing on our friends who have been so kind to us in the past few months by letting us store equipment in their garages.   One thing that prompted us to make the decision is that we had recently bought aused 3 compartment sink very much like the one below, and we needed to pick it up.
So on Monday evening we piled into the rented moving truck, which we had previously loaded up with the dishes and cooking equipment that has been accumulating in our laundry room, and headed 20 miles up the road to Arvada.  The folks we bought the sink from were a really fun German couple who had closed down their café a few years back and had finally decided they were having too much fun being retired to go back into the business. 

So with the sink, dishes, etc. all packed into the van, we trucked back towards downtown to pick up the 3 largest pieces – two serving tables and a dishwasher – so they could be the first things we unload.  Brian (our brother-in-law) met up with us at 7pm to help us load and unload the big pieces, which I hoped we could do quickly so as to not take up too much of his time (yeah right!). 

Everything loaded up easily enough, but it was when we arrived at the café space to unload that the troubles began to surface. Remember how the 3 largest pieces were in the back of the van so they could be “quickly” unloaded before everything else? Well, as it turns out the back entrance (pictured in our last entry) to our space is significantly smaller than the front entrance, and that the front entrance was STILL not large enough for the two serving tables to squeeze through unless we removed the wheels.  We had a few tools with us, but as those things usually go, we didn’t have the right ones.  So Brian got on the phone with his wife (Brad’s sister) and asked her to run his tools over since they didn’t live too far away. 

By this time it is nearly 8:30 and getting pretty dark out, and we were getting a lot of attention from everybody who happened to drive/ride/walk/stumble by.  One particularly “helpful” fellow named Reggie decided that he was going to help us move the tables inside, if only we would give him 80 or 90 cents for his trouble.  We tried to convince him that the necessary tools were on their way and that we’d rather just wait, but he wouldn’t hear it.  After struggling with one of the tables for quite a while (and nearly breaking the glass out of the door), Libby finally convinced him to wait.  Once Angie got there with the tools we were able to get the tables inside pretty quickly, with Reggie’s help of course. 

By the time we finally finished moving everything inside it was nearly 10pm.  We were exhausted, but THRILLED to finally have some equipment moved over.  Now if we could just get those construction quotes from the contractors we might REALLY be able to get some progress made!

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