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We Have a Signed Lease!

Ok, so we were sandbagging just a little when we posted that last entry.  However, we were so afraid to jinx things by posting it online that we decided to keep it quiet until things were official.  So many times in the past 6 months we posted about locations that we thought were “the one” only to have something fall through before we put our names on the dotted line.  However, as of yesterday morning we have officially signed a lease for a cafe space! 

Our new business address as of now is 2023 E. Colfax Ave (click the link to see a map of the area).  The space used to be a coffee shop up until about 3 weeks ago, which means it needs a little work to turn it into a cafe.  In order to get that work done we are now on the hunt for a contractor who can meet both our price and time requirements.  We’ve been to visit the location at least 5 times, and not one of those times have we thought to take a camera along with us.  As soon as we can get over there again we will take lots of pictures and get them posted for all to see. 

Oh, and by the way… how do you like the new blog site?  This is our very own site (instead of the free one on, so we have a lot more options than we had previously.  If you would like to get the latest postings sent directly to your inbox, just type your email address into the “subscribe” box at the left of your screen and you’ll soon receive a verification email.  Once you verify your subscription by clicking on the link inside the email, you’re all set! 

Feel free to leave us comments as well — we love hearing from you all!

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