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“…We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares
So go downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
Downtown – don’t wait a minute more
Downtown – everything’s waiting for you…”

are most definitely looking up for us once again. As you might have
guessed from the Petula Clark lyrics quoted above, we are now focusing
our efforts on obtaining a small space in Downtown Denver. I’ve seen it
twice now, and this weekend we even took Rich & Katie (Lib’s sister
& her husband) and Angie (my sister) to see what they thought. The
general opinion all around was that it is a great spot that will take
very little changing in order to make it work for us.

I have a
couple of meetings scheduled this week that will help us to prepare for
the quickly approaching day when we have to present our plan to a bank
and beg for money. I’ll be getting pointers on preparing financial
statements and forecasts — the kind of things that bankers/lenders
will pick apart. Once Libby gets back from her Spring trip (5 day/night
trip with 21 of her students to study snow science in the mountains),
we’ll have more meetings to schedule with the host of kitchen
consultants, architects, contractors and bankers that we’re going to
have to work with to get our “little” project underway.

I also got a really great message yesterday from Denise at the One World Cafe
in Salt Lake City. She gave us a the names of two couples who are or
will be in the Denver area and would like to help us out once we open.
VERY AWESOME! It is so amazing to us that so many people have offered
to help us get this cafe up and running. Every time someone offers help
it just renews our belief that this cafe can and will be a success.

Thanks again to each and every one of you.

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