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Red Tape Blues

main game this past week has been trying to get through the myriad of
roadblocks that the city/state/federal government(s) have set up for
us. After meeting with the landowner/realtor of our favorite space and
getting his blessing to put a cafe in his building, it was off to spend
some time in the City and County building downtown. We got intial
approval from the Denver Zoning Dept for the space on Santa Fe quickly
enough, but final approval is still to come. Inspections are also
pending from the Health, Fire and Building Depts. Denial by any one of
them could mean we start right back on the hunt for potential locations.

are a couple of good news items to report, however, that outshine
whatever hassles we’ve been through. First off, we are now officially
approved to sell food to the public! Ok, so it’s not so much an
approval process as it is a license fee that you pay, but either way it
means we’re legal. The second item of note is that we were able to
find a GREAT deal on a used commercial automatic dishwasher.

This is going to be a HUGE help for us in our efforts to be able to run
the cafe with just the two of us since they only take about 2 minutes
to completely wash and sanitize an entire rack of dishes. In case
you’ve never seen one, this is the general idea of what such an animal
would look like:

OH, and I almost forgot to mention that we now
have COFFEEMAKERS! We found a couple of great deals on those as well —
you gotta love Craig’s List!
Well that’s about all the news we have for the moment. The inspections
should start next week, and I’m sure we’ll have more things to share
(or maybe steam to VENT) once those happen.

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