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The Name Game

DID IT!!! We finally decided on a restaurant name and actually
registered it with the Colorado Secretary of State. Surprisingly, the
name seems like such a trivial thing when you actually go through the
registration process. Five minutes and two forms (and credit card
charges) later and you have your own identity! Easy, huh? If only it
were that simple to come up with the name in the first place!

this past weekend started, we told ourselves that we had until Midnight
Sunday night to finally decide on a restaurant name. We racked our
brains all weekend long, mulling over all of the previous candidates
and even coming up with new ones. However, nailing it down to just one
single name that conveyed our entire purpose was not an easy task.

at 10:30PM Sunday night with the deadline fast approaching (not to
mention our bedtime!), we made a final effort. Each of us came up with
our top 3 name choices and then compared our lists. Right there at the
top of the list was the name we’ve been working with from the very
beginning, the one that spells out so concisely just exactly what we,
and this restaurant, are all about. The name that we decided on
is……….. drumroll please ………..


Ok, so I’m sure none of you are really
that shocked. After all, it was the original name that we tossed out
there, and they say you should always go with your first instinct. From
here on out, instead of “the restaurant” or “the idea”, our concept
will be known as the SAME Cafe.

We’ve mentioned before, but it bears repeating that SAME stands for So All Might Eat.
The one belief that started us on this crazy path from the beginning
was that everyone deserves the right to eat and be treated with
dignity. The meaning behind that name really says it all, at least to
us. As for the organic aspect, we plan to follow the name up with a
catchy slogan like “Healthy Cuisine with a Conscience” or something to that effect.

now that the huge hurdle of a name is taken care of, we just have to
take care of the little things: finalizing our location, getting city
approval, and raising nearly $100,000. Simple!

Yes, that last part was meant to be a little sarcastic

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