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Favorite Space — Part Deux

pictures below (Note: pictures were subsequently removed after the deal fell through) are of one of the spaces that we stopped in to look at
this morning, and it is by far our favorite that we’ve seen. It’s right
along Santa Fe Drive, about 12 blocks from our house. We stopped in on
a whim so we didn’t have our camera with us, but we were able to find
the pictures below from Amazon Maps.
As you can tell from the election poster the pictures are a little
dated, but at least you can get a good idea of what the exterior looks

The plain side that you see is the side that faces Santa
Fe, and people are driving by so quickly that they don’t even notice
the lack of decor. We go by there every day and have never once thought
it looked as blank as it does. The other side along 11th Avenue is the
one that people noticee as they are driving along, so that is where we
would have our largest sign.

The interior is pretty much a
blank slate at this point, so we could customize it to look however we
would like. There’s a great spot in the back of the space for the
kitchen area, including a heavy duty power outlet. No hood/ventilation
system exists yet, but there’s a window in the back of the building
(not visible from the photos) that we are thinking would be an easy
place to put the exhaust fans.

We’re trying not to get to
excited about the space yet since it still has to pass a myriad of
inspections before we could sign a lease, but the initial impression
was that it was very much what we are looking for. Plus, the market out
here moves so quickly that by the time I finish writing this entry the
space could be gone.

If all goes well with this space then
things are going to start happening VERY quickly. We’ll keep updating
the site as often as we can, so keep checking back!

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