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We got some stuff!

by “some stuff” — I mean a whole lot of it… FOR FREE! Through a
connection I made at Metro State we were able to get our hands on 5
crates full of new china and flatware — including dinner plates,
dessert plates, coffee mugs and miscellaneous other serving pieces. The
pieces were demo patterns that had been sitting in a distribution
warehouse for years, and the company finally decided to get rid of
them. Sure, they don’t match at all as far as patterns go, but they are
similarly sized/shaped pieces so they should fit in well with the
eclectic look we are going for.

We also snagged 2 (used) large
stainless steel portable prep/steam tables that can either be used as
work surfaces (with the top in place) or else plugged in and used to
serve hot foods. I estimate the cost of these 2 items alone to be
around $3000, not to mention the service items which are probably worth
another $300-500. Not a bad score, eh? As you can imagine, we are
somewhere beyond ecstatic with this development.

The same
contact who managed to steer these items our direction is also on the
lookout for cooking equipment — pots, pans, stoves, etc. It’s good to
have friends!

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