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One visit down… many to go!

is a picture of the location I was talking about in the last entry. I
went to take a look at the inside last week. While it all looked very
nice both inside and out, the biggest downside is that there is no
kitchen space whatsoever. At the very least we would have to rip down
some of the interior walls to make enough room to even get a stove and
sink in the same place. The upside of this spot is that it actually
includes 7 off-street parking places in the rear of the building! This
was an added bonus, since we thought there would be nothing besides the
limited street parking to offer potential patrons.

fireplace is inside the largest room on the main level. It doesn’t
appear to be functional at this time, but it is definitely a nice
feature to have. Libby wasn’t able to come along with me for the first
visit, so before we make any sort of decisions we’ll have to schedule a
return trip. There are a couple more places in this area of town that
we would like to take a look inside, so Sharon is working on getting us
appointments for those as well. We’ll post the results of those visits
right back here as soon as we can — be sure to check back soon!

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