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we’ve been talking back and forth with our realtor, Sharon for a couple
of weeks now. We have done quite a few drive-by scoutings of possible
locations, but still haven’t been inside any of them.

A couple
of them had some good qualities, but none of them were good enough to
make us want to pursue them further. Maybe we’re being a little picky,
but when you’re dealing with a gamble this big, you want to make sure
you have the right spot.

We did find one place over the
weekend that looks very promising, and we have requested an appointment
to get inside and see it in m re detail. It’s not a standard commercial
space, but instead it’s a house that has been re-zoned and converted to
commercial space. Somewhat ironically, it used to be a realty office.

course that means that there is probably not a commercial kitchen
already set up and ready for us to take over, but as long as there is
space enough for us to put one and still have an acceptably sized
dining room we can probably deal with that. We’re not afraid to do a
little renovation, but we would rather not have to tear down too many
walls if we can avoid it.

When/if we get a chance to get
inside and see it closer, we’ll post the results back here on the blog.
If we’re thinking far enough in advance to have our camera with us,
we’ll even post some pictures so you can see it for yourselves. Wish us

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