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First Meeting With Our Realtor

past weekend we met with our new commercial realtor, Sharon, for the
first time. We were extremely nervous heading into the meeting, since
obtaining property is one of the biggest steps we will take in the
coming months. Not only that, but this meeting also meant explaining
our admittedly unorthodox idea to a complete stranger. We had no idea
how she was going to react. The possibilities in our minds ranged from
the very bad — hysterical laughter or outright dismissal — to the
very good — actually loving the concept and wanting to help us
succeed. Luckily, her reaction was very positive, especially once we
gave her a bit more detail and showed her that we have done our

Sharon has been in the commercial realty business
for quite some time. As such, she had some very good suggestions as to
desirable locations, building types, financing sources, and time
frames. It was only one meeting, but at this point it seems as if we
have located yet another key piece in the puzzle of how we are going to
get this place started. We owe a big THANK YOU to Erin McClaine (our
residential realtor that sold us our current house) for the referral.

try our best to keep posting regular updates as things progress, so
keep checking back on occasion for the latest news. Thanks again for
all the great notes of encouragement — we love hearing from you all!!!!

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