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From One World to What?

adventure with culinary school has just ended and we are taking more
critical steps to seeing our dream into reality. After reading our last
blog, we thought we would update you on the journey.

Although we
would like to think our idea is an original one, in summer 2004, we
researched and found some restaurants out in the world that were
similar to our dream. This summer (2005) we took a road trip to visit
the restaurant closest to our idea and closest to our home. We found One World Cafe
in Salt Lake City, Utah. We heard about One World from NPR and
researched its founder, Denise Cerreta, on the internet. On our way
back to Denver from Yellowstone National Park, we stopped in SLC to
experience this anomaly.

We wanted to see if this idea could
really work. Would people really be honest and leave what they could
afford and felt was fair? Would people of various backgrounds and
lifestyles eat together and patronize the same establishment? Would it
feel “right”? Would it be a profitable endeavor? Can we actually make
this happen? We found the answers (Yes!) to all of these questions
after two days of volunteering and interviewing several of the people

We were so nervous pulling up to the small and
inconspicuous space. We actually thought about checking out of our
hotel and just driving straight back to Denver without going in. We
were afraid our dream would be shattered by this one step. It felt like
a giant step to the two of us.

Our plan was to go in as
customers and hopefully have the chance to ask a few questions of
whomever was working at the cafe. We finally got out of the car and
entered. We were welcomed in and told how the restaurant works. We ate
delicious food in a cozy environment and got up enough nerve to ask the
women behind the counter if she was Denise.

I, Libby, believe
there are no such things as accidents. It was no accident that we
caught Denise checking in on her restaurant an hour before her shift
began. It was no accident that she had the time and energy to sit down
and answer all our questions. It was also no accident that we had the
chance to receive our first bit of press while we were there. The Deseret News
(click here to read the article) interviewed Denise while we were there
and included us on the interview. If you look closely at the photos,
you can see Brad and I hard at work. The whole trip was exactly what we
needed to take the leap and it was no accident.

After our visit
to Salt Lake City, we knew that our idea would work. We saw a similar
model in action. It finally proved to us and all of our skeptics that
this was possible.

We are not going into this business to become
rich. Our goal for this business is to provide profits that allow us a
healthy, balanced lifestyle while making it possible to continue
serving food for all.

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